HELLO. Tansai.(Cree)

Thank you, citizens of Winnipeg Centre, for your support in the last election. This has been a tough & fulfilling four years. We all recognize that a Member of Parliament must represent our great diversity of views on any given sub- ject. An idea which I learned in 23 years in the Navy & Army could be summed up with “At the end of the day can you look yourself in the mir- ror.” People told me they wanted an MP who was the voice of Winnipeg Centre in Ottawa and not the voice of Ottawa to Winnipeg Centre. This can be stressful, but no matter what we must always fight for the values of the working class of Winnipeg Centre.

MPs should focus on all neighborhoods, but particularly important are the needs of the underprivileged, like those who are homeless or in the throes of addiction. In Ottawa when I get behind closed doors; in the corridors of power I always talk truth to power & about the needs of the great ignored class of our communities. Let the privileged classes fight for themselves, my cause is people.

Thank you. Ekosani.

Robert-Falcon Ouellette,
M.P. Winnipeg Centre

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