We know that every Canadian deserves a secure and dignified retirement. We are working to help more seniors in Winnipeg stay in their own homes and keep more money in their pockets:

  • We restored the age of retirement for Old Age Security & Guaranteed Income Supplement from 67 to 65. Conservatives have promised to raise the retirement age again.
  • We increased the Guaranteed Income Supplement top-up by up to $947, helping 900,000 vulnerable single seniors gain greater financial security.
  • We funded $200 million to Manitoba Health for better home and community care for all citizens.
  • Working on a Pharmacare & low drug price plan.
  • We funded $200 million for Manitoba Health to support initiatives that address mental health & addictions for all citizens.
  • Working to improve the health of Indigenous seniors by providing:
  • $1.4 million to support a research project on dementia & its impact on Indigenous seniors; this will help all citizens.
  • $24 million for diabetes & foot care among Indigenous communities to reduce amputations.

  • On September 18, 2019, the Federal Government announced upon re-election a 10% boost to Old Age Security (OAS) at age 75 and a 25% increase to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for widows. The OAS increase would give Canadians aged 75 and older an extra $729 each year and lift 20,000 seniors out of poverty. The increase would take effect in July 2020 and would be indexed to keep up with inflation. The full value of the benefit would be received by every senior who makes less than $77,580 today.