PM Trudeau drops by Pacific Caucus in Ottawa. September 19, 2018.Robert-Falcon Ouellette has been the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre since 2015. He was the Chair of Indigenous Caucus and the member of Standing Committee on Health and Finance.

Robert-Falcon spent 23 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. He holds a PhD from Université Laval where he published his thesis, “Evaluating Aboriginal Curriculum Using a Cree-Métis Perspective With a Regard Towards Indigenous Knowledge.” He also has two other Master’s Degrees from Laval Université and a Bachelor’s degree in secondary music education from the University of Calgary. He was a Program Director for the Aboriginal Focus Programs at the University of Manitoba until his election in 2015, where he was a SSHRC funded researcher on education and Métis issues of identity.

Robert-Falcon is Cree (Red Pheasant First Nation) from Saskatchewan, but was raised in Calgary. He currently resides in the inner city of West Broadway, Winnipeg.

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